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Personalized Olive Wood Coffee Table!

Please message me before buying!

Purchasing this listing will begin a custom commission process where a slab of similar dimensions will be done in the same style of the above table which has already been sold.

The one pictured is approx. 48x18” coffee table with unique metal legs! A cobalt blue pigment and Exotic Olive Wood imported all the way from Turkey.

If you are looking for a solid slab, Olive Wood does not generally grow straight, tall or wide, as such making each slab this size very rare. BUT, it is much more possible to join pieces together with epoxy resin or other means.

This size goes for $3,000 with FREE Shipping

Standard coffee table is 12”-24” tall! This table is finished with an all natural hardwax oil that is extremely durable and perfectly compliments the wood by leaving a low gloss natural finish

There are a variety of leg options. This is something we can discuss further during the design process after your order. These can be steel, powder coated in black or a different color of your choosing. If you want wood legs, this may increase the cost depending on how intrinsic you want them.

The best part is, you are part of the process! Helping design the layout just how you want it! Help pick the color of resin etc!

Check out Black Diamond Pigments for color options!

Reach out for any questions

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