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Black Wolf Woodworking

Long Swoop Handle Charcuterie Board

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Crafted by yours truly! These hardwood and resin charcuterie boards are created with passion.

Each board is made to order.

There are many way you can tackle this.
-River style: Starting with a live edge piece of hardwood is cut down the middle and inverted to create a “river” effect filled with an epoxy resin color of your choice and sanded to an ultra fine finish.
-If you would prefer half resin and half hardwood, please let me know!
-Solid piece of wood. Resin only used to fill voids.
-I’m open to going through the design process one on one with you!

Each and every piece of hardwood is unique in its own way and there are no two boards exactly the same. Each board will be different as will the grain and patterning.

Your end design will be the wood species and color you choose. If you have preferences on the design please feel free to message me.

I do not have example of each pigment color if resin is added or each wood species. Head over to Black Diamond Pigments to see what each color is that I have to offer.

Each board is finished with food safe finish and is FDA compliant.

Please understand that using as a cutting board will mar the finished surface.

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately. Never soak in water and never put in the dishwasher. Also try to avoid leaving your board in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Even finished wood is likely to naturally warp under prolonged exposure to water and heat from direct sunlight.

Size varies from 3/4”-1 1/4” thick.

*Should you ever feel your board needs a refresh, lightly sand with 220 grit or higher sandpaper (originally sanded to 400 grit for the glass-like look and feel) and apply a new finish of your choosing.

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